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A data ecosystem serving agri-food sustainability

Looking for agri-food data? Want to expand your current agri-food data research pool? Learn more about FAIR agri-food data? Need cloud storage and computing space for your active projects?

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Research is essential for our future, but it can’t happen without the data that drives it. That’s why ADC is hereā€”to support U of G faculty in their research and help them get the data they need to make discoveries.

Building the ADC data ecosystem

What are we doing? Who are we working with? What technologies are we using? Follow along as we build Agri-food Data Canada.

Soil collection

FAIR data

One of Agri-food Data Canada’s goals is to ensure that our researchers create FAIR data. Data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reproducible. Through webinars, workshops, and online documentation, Agri-food Data Canada will work with our researchers to create FAIR agri-food data.

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Search data

Coming soon to ADC. There are many sources of available agri-food data. From historical research data to research centre data to active projects. Try the search to see if there are any opportunities for you to create a new collaborative project.

Data Analytics output

Data storage and analytics

Agri-food Data Canada uses Azure cloud computing resource to help our researchers work with Big Data. Researchers can access our Azure resources on a cost-recovery basis for their ACTIVE data needs.

Prof. Maria Corradini, Assoc Professor and Arrell Chair in Food Quality

… says that she expects to have a better grip of her data, with better functionality, integration, organization, and analytics with the help of ADC.