Building ADC

Agri-food Data Canada (ADC) will be creating a governed data ecosystem, not be a single technology portal. We will be using the following design principles:

  • Open source, open development ideals
  • Modular design
  • Automated processes
  • Integrate PIDs (Persistent Identifiers)
  • Researcher centric
  • Connect data to metadata
  • Enter (meta)data once
Structure of the ADC ecosystem with Governance and technologies.

Goals of ADC Design

Semantic Engine
– Tool to create FAIR data

Federated nodes
– Federate existing nodes of data

– Contains all types of research objects including datasets

Knowledge and Training
– Promote culture change where data management is the NORM
– Training and reference materials
– Develop FAIR skills

Semantic Engine

The semantic engine will form the core of our ecosystem. Read more about its background and development.

The ADC Semantic Engine and Schemas