Building ADC

Agri-food Data Canada (ADC) will be creating a governed data ecosystem, not be a single technology portal. We will be using the following design principles:

  • Open source, open development ideals
  • Modular design
  • Automated processes
  • Integrate PIDs (Persistent Identifiers)
  • Researcher centric
  • Connect data to metadata
  • Enter (meta)data once

Goals of ADC Design

Semantic Engine
– Tool to create FAIR data

Federated nodes
– Federate existing nodes of data

– Contains all types of research objects including datasets

Knowledge and Training
– Promote culture change where data management is the NORM
– Training and reference materials
– Develop FAIR skills

Structure of the ADC ecosystem with Governance and technologies.

Semantic Engine

The semantic engine will form the core of our ecosystem. Read more about its background and development.

The ADC Semantic Engine and Schemas