1. Food from Thought Thematic III projects
  2. Genomics Data Pipeline
  3. Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance

Food from Thought Thematic III projects

Over the next 2-3 years (2022-2025), we will be working closely with researchers who have received funding from the Thematic III funding call of the Food from Thought program. Researchers needs will feed into the development of ADC.

The following 10 projects were identified as fitting the Data Strategy Priority:

  1. A Natural Capital Program for Farm Ecosystem Services – Andrew MacDougall
  2. Improving Livestock for Climate Resilience – Bonnie Mallard
  3. The Canadian Bee Gut Project – Emma Allen-Vercoe
  4. Integrating Data to Model Food Production and Ecosystem Services at Multiples Scales – Evan Fraser
  5. Closing the digital decision-making loop in precision cattle management – Jennifer Ellis
  6. Multidisciplinary approaches to a prediction model for gilt fertility – Julang Li
  7. Big Data analytics (BDA) using artificial intelligence (AI) for reducing food safety risks in Canada – Manick Annamalai
  8. Coordinating antimicrobial resistance reporting in the Agri-food Canada database – Nicole Ricker
  9. A hybrid cloud ecosystem for management, analysis, and storage of large scale agri-food datasets: A Food from Thought Legacy – Scott Ryan
  10. A WebGIS platform for identifying agri-environmental hot spots in the Lake Erie Basin at a field scale – Wanhang Yang

Genomics Data Pipeline

The Advanced Analysis Centre’s Multiomics Data Platform is a cloud-based solution for the handling of largescale genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolic datasets.  It provides user-friendly and cost-effective solutions for many common challenges, including: data storage and management, metadata annotation and sharing, and bioinformatic analysis and education.  The goal is to dramatically simplify all digital aspects of ‘omics research to allow researchers to focus on answering biological questions. 

Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance

Improving the FAIRness of the data collected at the Research Centres falls under the mandate of the Agri-food data strategy. Working with data scientists to improve the collection, documentation, and accessibility to the data collected at the Ontario Dairy Research Centre, Ontario Beef Research Centre, and participating research centres will “promote agri-food discoveries, validate laboratory findings, stimulate further research and provide valuable information for Ontario’s agri-food sector.”