One of the most exciting technologies presently being used in research and widely being transformed and developed has been the use of predictive analytics. Data Analytics and predictive analytics as a whole can be comprised of numerous different statistical abilities from modelling, machine learning, and data mining. Used for research, these methods allow for analysis of what has happened in the past on the farm, lab or stations, as well as what currently is happening and is going to happen, to make use of the data to predict the future and make decisions that impact the bottom line and end-use.

Predictive analysis is actionable insights to make decisions on data and information to identify potential answers to the research questions. By learning from historical data based on measured variables, management and outcomes of decisions can more readily be made for efficiencies and processes. This is no easy task, as prediction and recommendations about the future require true datasets that have high confidence.

ADC enables predictive analytical tools for researchers to increase opportunities and efficiencies across the research projects and make a fast decision off of digital information, often with the ability to be unbiased to the source, but rely upon the facts.