Our mission is to support researchers develop knowledge from their data to help understand and improve the complex relationship between agriculture and ecosystems through Data Management Infrastructure, Data Governance and Analytics solutions.

Our vision is to be researcher-centred, in partnership providing reliable Data Management and Analytics ecosystems fueling innovation and enabling broad access to world-leading curated research data promoting opportunities for innovation and partnerships.

Our Core Values

Our Goals

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Provide a reliable and secure data ecosystem for researchers to store their research data and share it based on the rights defined by the researcher.
Provide tools to automate processes for researchers to perform data analytics and discover new spatial correlations through synthesized data.
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Implement the tools to ingest external partners’ data to foster collaboration and innovation within the research community, Government and public.
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Fuel innovation and opportunities to perform advanced analytics, granting access to on-demand data only to authorized users.
Produce and maintain data management tools and techniques relevant to the mandate of government interests and the agri-food sector.
Contribute to the maximum utilization of the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario (ARIO) Research Stations to maximize efficiency and capacity.